Hi loves…..

I’m Jenn and I am SO excited that you are here!!!

In this adventure, I truly cannot wait to meet YOU and get to know you and what makes you happy!

……SO, I can think it’s only fair to get to know a little about me….

I am a fur mom, 1 dog, 2 cats….and really they are like my children. I have the most amazing man, that I am lucky enough to call mine. He really is something special. A very real hoarding, plant lady. I drink WAY more coffee than I should. I really, really love to decorate. I live in a small town in Western, MD……within 20 minutes of the best, little town, Frederick, and only an hour or so to DC, Baltimore, and a little jump further to Annapolis. Three and a half hours to NYC, a little less than 2 to gorgeous mountain ranges, and less than 4 to the beach. It’s a pretty stellar location for convenience and I LOVE to travel!!

I love all things artsy. My downtime hobbies generally include reading, painting, buying more plants (ha!), roaming around in the fresh air, hiking or meandering the creeks in our kayaks. I love aimless drives & scouting amazing, new locations. I love the outdoors, and randomness on a gorgeous day. I am generally seen wandering with camera in hand, it's my love and how I see the world, it brings me happiness and makes me feel alive. I dream of living at the beach and wandering the shore to start my mornings. I really crave learning new things, knowledge makes me feel growth and I hope to gain new insight each and every day. And, sometimes, well, sometimes I like to close my eyes and breathe it all in, doing nothing but taking in the moment. Life goes WAY too fast, partly which has fueled my love and passion for the art of photography, but it’s real and it’s not slowing down for any of us. So sometimes, even in the chaos, I choose to stop, breathe and take it all in.

Photography is my passion, imagery intrigues daily. More than just the art of taking images, I really can't get enough of it all.....the reading, learning, the community and friends, and incredible talent around the world. It is my love, even in my chill-time, when I'm off the clock.

I love the colors green and blue.

Although, I am extremely social I am pretty quiet and to myself in my "off" time.

I have a deep desire to travel the world. I love the mountains + the forest, but the ocean calls to my soul in a way words don't seem to do justice. I am obsessed with the West Coast, although I've not been many places, the bucket list of jaw-dropping beauty continues to grow as much as my passion to travel with my work and photography my incredible clients in all of this incredible landscape!!

I love open fields, and patches of wildflowers. I love the smell of honeysuckle in the warm summer air. Ahh, summer nights, speak to my soul. I love the sound of the rain and sitting on a covered porch watching the storm roll in. I am a true MD gal, and I love old bay, crabs and I don’t care where you go in this world, there is nowhere that does it as good as Maryland!!

My Dad is a chef and taught me to be one heck of a good cook (if I must say so). Music makes me dance. I love all kinds, really....cliche, I know. But I have favorites for every mood.

I have one small tattoo on my wrist with two simple letters, in memory and definition but makes up so much of the woman I have become. "be."

And most of all, I LOVE my family and support system. I will be forever grateful for the encouragement, love, and support over the years……




I am in love with moments, emotions, connections.

Fun & playful, adventurous & intimate and all of the beautiful little details that are so easily missed in this fast paced world we all live in.

I am a storyteller.

I am an artist.