I am in love with love & emotions & connections.

Fun & playful, adventurous & intimate and all of the beautiful little details that are so easily missed in this fast paced world we all live in.

I am a storyteller.

I am an artist.

I want to capture YOU and your people. The people that make up your world, that make you smile, that change your life daily. I want you to see the beauty in all of the everyday. Life isn’t slowing down for any of us, and I want to capture yours....well, at least a little piece of it. A story that when you look back, makes you smile, makes you FEEL something incredible. These are the moments that life is all about. In a world where photographers are a dime a dozen, and everyone with a camera is their own professional....let me be your artist. The one you trust & choose to capture your memories. Each shoot customized just for you. It’s YOUR story. No one else’s is the same. , My style is natural and relaxed, aimed to capture timeless memories & art for you and your people. I find the most captivating images to be those that fall in the “in between.” Those moments between the start & finish or the “end goal.” Of course we will have those more classic, posed moments, but it’s about the whole story, and so much of that includes of those beautiful moments in between that you don’t even realize are unfolding. I work to capture images, that are your family’s art, your emotions, your REAL moments. Personally, I am fascinated by light and chase it daily, I am in awe of the human spirit and the emotions and individuals we are, and I want to capture it, bring it to life and share with you. Sessions are generally outdoors, unless otherwise planned in your personalized consulation & planning. I also offer in-home sessions, for the more intimate, close-knit gatherings. Portraits & weddings, commercial & events. I love adventure and travel. I think this world is a jaw-droppingly beautiful place and I would love to go on a journey with you.....these my friends are adventure sessions.....sounds intriguing? Let’s chat more!! This is my dream, and my passion and I am so thankful for you all embarking on this incredible adventure with me.

Smiles & much love

~ J